TRANS TABOO KINK CLUB (co-created with Kraven/angelof_Sodom) - Trans Taboo Kink Club is a semi-secret organization for kinky men. The club is welcome to all men but centers queer, trans, intersex, gender nonconforming and unconventional men. The club gives them the space to explore their kinks with one another, safely and without shame. These stories follow a handful of members and their connections to one another.

COMMON THEMES INCLUDE: Trans men, leather, kink, uniforms, boot licking, group sex, BDSM, making friends through kinky sex.

A BLUE LODGE IN WHITE SNOW - Set in the Soviet Union during the 1930s - 40s. Petr Koshelev and Yuri Roshchin are a pair of Russian lieutenants who share everything, especially men. They enjoy cruising together, but the men they pick up have no idea how sadistic they can truly be. They enjoy spending time at Yuri's private home, known as the Blue Lodge due to its blue paint job. There they can indulge in their most sadistic tendencies while also avoiding the looming specter of change that's happening around them. Mikhail Tsukanov is Petr Koshelev's secretary. He's always fantasized about submitting to someone, physically and sexually. Petr offers him a chance to live out his fantasies by joining them at the lodge. Mikhail has no idea what he's in for... (Archive Of Our Own mirror here.)

COMMON THEMES INCLUDE: Dominance/submission, uniforms, cruising, violence, sexual assault/noncon.

ALL GOOD CRIMINALS - Set in Germany during the 1930s - 40s. Father Benedikt Veidt is a Catholic priest. He is a man with many, many secrets. Officer Bruno Kaemmer is a Gestapo officer who is dedicated to finding enemies of the state, both for work and for his own twisted pleasure. All the good criminals are here.

COMMON THEMES INCLUDE: Violence, sexual assault/noncon, Nazi characters, child abuse mention.

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FLEEING THE LIGHT (erotic horror)

Published 21 July 2022

There was a healthy amount of paranoia for a man like Roman to have. He’d gotten as far as he had in life by staying alert and finding the right places. Ever since the threatening notes started, they had followed Roman everywhere, destroying his sense of safety. There was healthy paranoia and then there was this endless suspicion that the man had to have. Who was following him? Which car would follow him off the highway every time he stopped? Who had a pen in the glovebox and a handgun in the passenger seat? (Archive Of Our Own mirror)

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Noncon, violence, blood, guns.

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Published 2 July 2022

Andrew is a social climber who wants to be accepted by the frat boys he sees as rich and successful. He agrees to go with his crush, happy-go-lucky Liam, to check out another frat brother's parents' summer house. Andrew's never been in a saltwater pool and we wants to learn what he needs to know to be rich someday. What better way to learn about it than to join with the other frat brothers for a little vacation? Maybe he'll even get a chance to kiss Liam... (Archive Of Our Own mirror)

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Noncon, violence, blood, gore.

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