My name is Idal Waves (rhymes with "tidal waves".)

I'm a writer with a passion for filth, controversy, and the preservation of both.

My primary work explores sexual desire from a trans male lens. I'm fascinated by desire and the ways in which people try to fulfill their own desires. I believe all desire is worthy of exploration and understanding. My work runs the gamut from gentle, romantic relationships between men all the way up to gory, erotic horror. I write about violence and kindness in equal measures and give each the attention they deserve.

I mainly write fictional short stories with original characters. You'll find my primary series by visiting the Writing section.

I'm currently on a mission to see all 72 films on the DPP's list of "video nasties." I'm interested in media that led to controversies and spend a lot of time thinking about how people respond to objectionable content. Once I have more coherent thoughts, they'll go in the Writing section.

I also collect tentacle dildos. Tentacle erotica is a passion of mine and I take every chance I can to learn more about its history. You can see pictures of my collection and read my thoughts about it in the Collections tank.

The only social media I use is Twitter. You can follow me @Idal_Waves.